Thursday, September 6, 2012

This post is brought to you by the letter A

My daughter is very bright. I'm talking HUGE vocabulary bright. I do not want to hold her back so I'm teaching her things they are way beyond a 15 month olds typical learning.

So, while watching Sesame Street my husband asked me if I started teaching her letters. Well, I haven't because she is only 15 months. But...I don't know why I haven't. She already can recognize the word HOT and the word PEPPER by things around the house so why not start her on her letters if she's ready to learn them.

So, I'm inviting you to join us to learn a letter a week. Now, this is not "standardized test" learning where she'll be tested on it and required to remember verbatim. That's not fun and she's only 15 months hahaha

So, this week we'll start with---go on guess which one we'll start with----okay I'll tell you---


In honor of the letter A, my handy dandy Silhouette Cameo and the lovely design of Snapdragon Snippets, I made a 3D letter A Box!

and now, for pictures

Cut all your pieces out and lay them out so you can work on it easily. 

 We're doing the base of the box first. fold it all in and arrange to be glued down. (it took me a second to realize how it was going to bend to fit onto the letter. 

I placed my double sided tape down first and then laid the tabbies down on top of it making sure to align the edge of the bent parts with the edge of the A. 

Do the other side the same way. Tape first, adhere second.  

the middle of the A was confusing. Especially because I had two letters and I couldn't tell which was which. Once they're folded and glued, they will fit the appropriate A perfectly so just pay attention to size. 

Here it is in the middle of the A.  

 Here is the top and the bottom.


Then, upon closer inspection, learn that the skinny straight strips are, in fact, accent pieces.

 Recut in fun matching print. :-) **HINT: DO THIS FIRST- don't waste paper like me**

The fatter strips go on the base and the thin ones to the top. I placed them together so I didn't further mess it up.  The long bits go on the sides and the squares are actually different sizes so here's another area where you need to pay attention. On the base: there is a larger square that goes on the top of the A. The others are all the same size and go on the outside at the bottom of the in the "curvy" part.  
 Like this...
Here's the base of the A.  

Here is the top of the box. This one also has different size little squares. The largest square goes on the tippy top like the base but there are even different size squares for the bottom of it. 
The two next largest go on the legs of the A and the smaller ones go on the inside.
...I guess it would be the thighs of the A?

Enjoy your new 3D A Box designed by Snapdragon Snippets