Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deciding to Homeschool

We have decided to homeschool!

I'm just scared about the influence other children will have on my daughter. So, we've decided to homeschool so we can keep our family values the most prevalent in her life. I also want her to LOVE learning. I want her to have hands on, customized learning. So, even though she's only 16 months, I'm going to start my research and preparing now that way in a few short years, I'm not blindsided by it's arrival.

I found a website called Mr. Printables that lists "oodles of free printables". I got that super cute printable to frame and put in our reading nook (which yes, we already have and she uses ALL the time).

So, thank you to Mr. Printables and Lakeshore Learning for putting some much needed motivation into our decision to homeschool.

How many of you homeschool? Why and how's it going?