Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilting: Why People Should Do It and Slow Down a Bit

Life is going too fast. Like woah there kinda fast. My daughter just turned two. I just turned 26. My husband and I are hurtling towards three year anniversary. The days are flying by with such speeds sometimes I forget to blink.

Then I sit down to quilt. I can't go fast...well, not if I want it to look good.

There's time in measuring and double time in measuring twice.

It takes time to decide on a theme and to pick out all the right colors.

It takes time to plan out the pattern.

It takes time to cut....every....single....little....piece!

It takes so much time to lovingly piece it all together in a way that is beautiful and pleasing.

All this before you even begin the actual quilting process. When you start that, YOU MUST SLOW DOWN! You can't quilt quickly. Even the best of the best take their time and though it seems they're going fast, they're not. They are slowly and sometimes painstakingly (if you're me) working their way around the fabric doing the straightest lines they can or the most perfectly placed stipples. Unless of course you're doing modern quilting then you're just going which ever way willy-nilly style. Which if that's you, rock on!

This is why I quilt. It gives me time to focus on something. I can't multitask and quilt. I can only sew and pray. I use my quilting time to pray for my family, my husband, my kids, and just to be thankful that I can be sitting in my comfy chair in my comfy house and do something I love.

Honestly, when's the last time you just stopped and thanked Him for what you have? Or even for what you don't have! Sometimes that too can be just as big a blessing as what you do have.

This week, I encourage you to pick up a hobby that forces you to slow down. Knitting maybe? Paper crafting perhaps? Beading? I heard that's one that requires a lot of attention!

Just remember to breathe a little more often. Stop and squidge your toes in the grass/sand/mud/whatever you have. Thank God more often. I heard He likes that! ;-)

You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you!
Romans 5:8

Sara Lambert