Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Gift from God: The story of how we got Davy

We had to put our little 18 year old chihuahua down about 2 months ago because he was just so old it hurt everyone to look at him. When he started having seizures, we knew it was time. We missed him a lot and who he represented: my husband's father who passed in November of 2010.

We had been looking at other dogs and couldn't really find one that fit our family. Some where too big and too boisterous which is not a bad thing but with little Mae it was not a good fit. 

Joe randomly sent me a picture of this sweet lab mix that a coworker of his had rescued and he asked if we could keep her.

We decided to take the baby over there and meet her to see how they got along. The couple that had her only had other dogs, not babies. Before we went, I prayed for a sign that this was the dog that needed to be in our family. We always decided that we wanted to rescue instead of buying because too many animals need saving. I prayed exactly for the dog to walk right up to Madeleine when we got there.

So when we arrived, I went in and set Madeleine on the floor so the dog could come up to her and you know what....she did just that. I was sold. She is so sweet and mild mannered and just the right size for our family to have an indoor dog that wont squash our baby.

When we got home however, the first thing she did was climb the fence and run away. We looked for about two hours before having to give up. Joe prayed that she would come back to us even though we thought it was a long shot since she'd only been at our house for about 10 minutes before running away. We were sad. 

Then about two hours later, a knock on our door comes from our neighbor who points to our beautiful dog who found her way back to our house and was waiting in our driveway. Truly led back to us by Jesus who know has told us this is our dog and we are to love her and take care of her. 

We brought her inside and gave her some water and a much needed bath and now she's happily sleeping on our floor. We're so happy that we have our pretty dog back! We've decided to name her Davy meaning "beloved".