Friday, September 14, 2012

Alcohol Ink Coasters

I had been seeing Alcohol Ink Coasters spinning around the internet and since I do love me some Ranger Alcohol Inks I decided to try it.

The main tool you'll need is the Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool and either a piece of white felt cut to size or there are packs of white felts that are made specifically for this tool and the alcohol inks. I went ahead and got the pack because it's easier.

You'll need alcohol inks of course! I got the Farmers Market kit because I thought it was that a word?

Stick on a white felt to the velcro on your blending tool and add drops of inks in whatever color/arrangement you want to. 

Here's how I decided to do mine. Mine is the maroon on top and the purple on the bottom. 

Choose your base. I have these glossy white tiles that I wanted to play with (as you can see in my background I tried it before I took pictures to post)

Start pressing the felt down onto the tile in various positions turning the tool this way or that. Or leave it one direction and have a pattern. 

Like this. 

At the end you'll have this. Beautiful "tie-dye" "Stained-Glass" art!

Experiment with different techniques till you find the one you like best. Try painting on rubbing alcohol (just the normal drug store kind) and dropping the ink directly onto the tile. It will pool and puddle and mix together to make some really interesting designs. 

Seal your tiles with a polyurethane before you use them so nothing runs or chips. 

Have fun!!!