Monday, August 27, 2012

Readers are made on the laps of their parents

I love that when she's playing, my daughter chooses books over all her fancy toys! I started reading to her when she was born even though people laughed at me and told me I was being silly. Well now she is only 14 months old and prefers reading. I am so proud.

What things do you do to encourage your kids to read?

Sesame Street

Madeleine has discovered Sesame Street. I have mixed emotions about it. I don't want her to turn into a couch potato...or a bean bag potato...but in the mornings she loves her "Melmo" and I cant deny she just looks so darn cute dancing to all the songs. 

Now, even though its Sesame Street, I still feel that I need to filter it. The newer ones are very worldly and are lacking in the education department. I prefer her to watch the older episodes. 

It may be silly since she's only 15 months but she's a sponge and can repeat just about anything you tell her. I want her to repeat good things...not baby talk. 

Oh, and even before she was born I've outlawed Spongebob in our house. 

Are there any "kid" shows that are not allowed in your home?


Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Camping Trip- Picture Post!

the next morning--WE SURVIVED THE NIGHT!

It was so much fun...albeit very tiring since Madeleine was the only one that slept...but Joe got some fishing in, I read the whole Hunger Games book and a quilting magazine (by lantern light- we're so colonial!)


Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage Modern Bonnie & Camille Moda--I QUILTED!

TAA-DAA!! I made a quilt!! I used the fabulous Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille from Moda! I actually went to a quilt shop and got real fancy fabric....glad I didn't mess up! >.<

I didn't take step by step pictures because I honestly wasn't sure it was going to come out. (By the way, it's missing a row that I found when I was finished. Somehow it escaped. And if you don't buy premade bias tape for your binding get a bias tape maker...seriously.)

But, despite all the pin marks I had on my arms (I felt like a bee keeper) It was fun and I can't wait to do another one!
It was so much fun- a LOT of work- but totally worth it in the end. It's just a little one for my little one but she likes it.

Have you quilted?


Sunday, August 5, 2012

I did it! Redhead!!

I have been talking about going red for ages. I did it. I love it! It's not quite what I was expecting but I dig it. My hubby likes it so that's really all that matters. :-) Either that or he's an excellent liar tee hee!