Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Me me Me me me me me Me and me

I am unbelievably selfish. I'm constantly dealing with the issue of my and God totally got this. But just tonight, it hit me that I'm selfish tool I got so frustrated with Madeleine tonight because she wouldn't get to her room and go to bed so I could Antiques Roadshow and browse Pinterest (pinning activities for her nonetheless)! What is wrong with me? 
Now, having her go to bed because it's 8:30pm and she didn't have a nap is a good reason to get her to bed- but even though that's exactly what today was like- my heart was "go to bed so I can have my time...MY time!" 

Among my pinning, I found so many wonderful ideas for Waldorf and Montessori style schooling. For those of you who don't know those styles are very child led, hands on, out door play, real life style learning. It was basically encouraging me to take Madeleines desire to be around me constantly and turn every single moment into a teaching opportunity. That means I need to put my selfish self aside and take some time and sow into my daughter. 

Would it be easier and faster to load the dish washer myself...of course! Can I fold her clothes and have a lovely organized drawer yes...or I could give her bins and teach her to organize her own laundry (which seems like a good return for that time when she gets older and can do her own laundry by 5)! 

So I'm going to have my alone the bathroom when I'm going potty...or when I have a happy heart about putting her to bed. I aim to put myself aside (while still taking care and nourishing myself) and serve my husband and my daughters happily without quite so much grumbling...

Yeah that's the plan anyway...