Friday, August 8, 2014

X Marks the Spot- Day 4

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Today, since we finished all we were gonna do of the weekly curriculum, we took advantage of the artist study included in the GLE curriculum. This week was Henri Matisse!

The San Antonio Museum of Art is hosting the Henri Matisse exhibit! I was so excited to be able to take Baby Cakes there and see the actual art! Little did I know they were charging 25.00! just for me to get into the museum and into the Matisse exhibit. Baby Cakes is only 3!! We decided it was not a good way to spend my alotted spending money for the week! Oh well!

We hit the central library instead and loaded up on some good stuff. Then, I even was able to find a book about Matisse written for kiddos!

We read it once yesterday and then again today so she was pretty familiar with the story today. Then, we gathered our materials and sat down to create like Matisse!

First: Jazz

Now we shall paint some sheets of paper!

Then, with scissors in hand, cut dancing shapes!

I made the windows on top while Cakes was creating her shapes. The mirror the ones in the book!

We had a lovely time being Henri Matisse today before we left to go pick up sister Pop Pop for some quality time before she starts back to school!

Tomorrow will be a special day too! Stay tuned!!

Sincerely, Sara