Tuesday, August 12, 2014

G is for Garden: Day 2

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Well hello! Welcome to day 2! Today Baby Cakes wanted to add her letter to the letter wall so we did just that. We started by coloring her thumb with a "washable" marker and then she put little thumb prints all over the g. Included with the God's Little Explorers Paid Curriculum.

Then she added little stems. She liked connecting the flowers. It was her garden so I let her decorate as she liked!

Meanwhile, Tinker explored Baby Cakes' school supplies!

We added our G step on our treasure map!

Posted our G on the letter wall right after the X. 

After these things were done we got down the seeds to see if anything had happened to them! Cakes was SOOO excited to see the change. She busted out her magnifying glass to get a closer look at them. She was very hands on which was nice to see. She felt the little root hairs and helped the beans shed their skins. 

One of the books, Seeds to Plants, we got from the library was very over her head so I didn't think she'd be interested in it. I should stop doing that! She remembered from when we glanced at it that the book had a picture of what our beans were doing. She got out the book and we found the pictures.

I just sat next to her amazed as she set the beans on the matched stage in the book. She's amazing. 

We also covered days 3 and 4 of creation!!

         Land plants and trees!                                                                       Sun, moon, and stars!

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