Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Fabulous and Free Saturday in San Antonio!

Evenin' y'all!
Today was a great day. It was the first Saturday in ages that we had that was purely for family. Nothing to be done. Just the five of us enjoying our town! The best part, except for lunch and parking, the whole day was free! Thanks PBS!

It started bright and early with breakfast tacos a very healthy breakfast and a trip to the San Antonio Children's Museum. Our local PBS station was hosting a back to school bash with a special appearance by Peg + Cat! We do not watch much tv but Peg + Cat is one of our favorites along with Duck Dynasty and anything to do with fixin' up old cars! 

We solved the problem so everything is awesome problem solved!

Quick fishing break!

Rolling doh into numbers. Great practice!

Observing stalactites. 

Driving a front end loader and pushing the buttons was the highlight for the girls. 

Lego building. You then load it onto a conveyer and drop it from a height to see if your structure could survive the fall. None of ours could.

This one is my favorite! It's our whole family! Daddy, Mommy, PopPop, Baby Cakes, and Tinker. 

...yes, PopPop has bigger hands than Mommy...she didn't let me forget about it all day!

Finding fossils

Leaving on a Imagin-air Airlines

Pilot future?

Tie a piece of fabric onto the loom. Its been building for years. Very cool!

Step back into time and visit a Victorian Lounge. The look on their faces was priceless!

ALWAYS time for a quick tea party with my girl. 

The snake loved Cakes and was very interested in her!

And wouldn't you know it! The museums are all connecting over the Matisse exhibit in town at the San Antonio Museum of Art and Henri Matisse made an appearance. It was so perfect to have studied him all week and then to be able to show Cakes an actual picture of him with his silvery beard and love of cats. It was a wonderful way to wrap up that lesson for the week! (Next two weeks is Monet! I can't wait)

We then went to the Buckhorn museum and the Original Mexican Restaurant (that's really what its called) which was soooo delicious! Then we got to walk around the beautiful River Walk and saw the Alamo. All the best parts of our beautiful downtown. Living in the same place your whole life can quite often make you blind to the beauty that surrounds you. Sometimes a staycation really is the best way to go!
Buckhorn Museum

The Original Mexican Restaurant

Welcome to Downtown San Antonio

The Alamo

Such a glorious, albeit crazy hot, day!