Friday, August 15, 2014

Introduction to Claude Monet

 Today was a trip to the library! We needed to pick up some books I had reserved!

Some of them went along with G is for Garden (as well as A is for Apple week).

The Claude Monet books are above Cakes' head so we didnt read much of the words. Instead, we just flipped through the pages and wondered at the beautiful pictures.

My favorite part was watching Baby Cakes get really close to the picture in the book and gingerly touch them, finding the brush strokes.

When we do A is for Apples in two weeks, we will take a trip to the McNay Art Museum and see a Monet in real life! I'm so excited!

We will also try our own art in the style of Monet. This week was merely an introduction!

We also did this!!
Pool time in the yard. 

Date night with stepdaughter! Fun fun!