Monday, August 4, 2014

X Marks the Spot- Day 1! First Day of Pre-School!!

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No, I don't have one of those cutesy pictures of her first day of Pre-School because we've been busy, you know, doing school! :-) But it will happen this weekend! Better late than never I suppose.

However, I do have pictures of our activities for the day!

We chose God's Little Explorers: A-Z Adventures in God's Word and World for Preschoolers in addition to Before Five In A Row. God's Little Explorers is a 28 week pre-school curriculum that goes through the bible in chronological order and hits on most major bible points as well as all the letters (wonderfully in depth), numbers, shapes, and life skills among other things. Its so beautiful and fun to plan because of all the lovely colors and design. Best part: Its FREE!!!! There's also a lovely paid package that has everything you need in one put together pdf file (easy to send to your printer of choice and have printed in shiny color) for only 17.00! (It's on sale right now!)

This week is "X marks the Spot" because "God's Word is a Treasure".

I hid this little "treasure chest" of school supplies in my room underneath the sand colored sheets (convenient!!) and drew a map of our house on a piece of paper. The paper ended up being used for scissor practice so I do not have a picture of that. I drew our couches and giant rocks, the dining table as a cave, and the hallway as a river. The sand dunes had a red x marked with those pencils on the side and she was so excited to have a new bible! The Read and Learn Bible is what is suggested in the G.L.E curriculum and is full of beautiful pictures on every page as well as quality writing perfect for the little ones. 

We made this treasure map we will use throughout the year beginning with letter x and ending with the bible! It was fun and Baby Cakes spent a lot of the rest of the day walking around with one hand over her eye saying "Arrgh!" 

Next up was cutting practice using her brand new scissors. They are Fiskars Pre-School Spring Action Scissors and they open right back up so she focuses on squeezing them shut not having to open them back up. It helps her have success! 

 Don't you love her little piles? I've read about the age in which children start to desire order in their environment- I believe this is the time.

This is the face of a focused cutter!

I also set up this book basket by the suggestion of the curriculum. We just happened to have all the books on the list because all three of them are also in Before Five In A Row!! (I have requested the next two weeks from the library though-cant be all this easy!)

We had a lovely first day of school looking through the bible and finding the old and new testaments. Scissor skills are fun! Lets see what happens tomorrow!!


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