Friday, April 18, 2014

Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer

Have you seen this video? It went viral (which is a really yucky term in my opinion) here recently and I must say it brought tears to my eyes. I love that society is recognizing how hard moms work in their homes for their families (including having a full time job as well). 

However, I watched it as my extremely, down to the bone tired husband naps on the couch. He works so hard every day all week long so that I can stay home with the girls. He often does without earthy treasures and man-toys so we can eat and pay the electricity bill. He recently sold his truck with his toolbox on it (he is a carpenter by trade by the way) so he could work on buying us a minivan to hold our expanding family. He is up and out before the sun, works with his hands all day long building mansions for other people. On top of that, he's really good at handling my emotions via text in between setting cabinets or building master closets. He reminds me what a blessing my kids are and that I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. 

Everyday he has to leave his family and go build homes for someone else. His kids are growing everyday and he is not there. Each day he misses the funny things that Madeleine says, and though still cute, they're not quite as funny coming from me. Every single day he misses the aha moments that make home education so fulfilling. He misses the sweet post-bath baby snuggles when she smells so good and is wrapped all nice and warm in my arms. 

He misses so many memories so that I don't have to. He works so incredibly hard. And in this family, I may be the director of operations but my wonderful husband is the chief executive officer and the leader of our home!! 

Ladies, friends, let's celebrate our men today. Thank your husbands for everything they do, whether you stay at home with your kids or not, whether your man is your husband or not. Thank him for being there and keeping you safe.