Monday, April 7, 2014

When plans don't go according to plan...

So today was MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) and I look forward to it every single month. We only have one month left and especially after the super fun crafty day we had I am really going to miss them and our quirky group. 

After that I had to go to the bank. Can I just say I really loathe going to the bank. Every time I lose my patience at times or my precious daughter, I try to stop and think "what is God trying to teach me here" well now, at the bank you don't even really deal with people. You deal with a guy on a webcam, so when your 3 year old tells you she has to go potty...too bad, you pray she can hold it because you didn't bring her a change of clothes. When she dumps the box of crayons all over the floor, you have to bribe her with rainbow candy because you can't, like stop and breathe. Then when you've discovered she's grabbed another three pieces by very sneakily getting into your purse and you reach down and pop her hands and she starts crying and then the baby who was sleeping starts crying...that's too bad. You still have to jump up and scan something or type something in because it's not a real person!!! 

Then, as we are heading home to a home full of laundry begging to be cleaned, my darling husband calls me and needs me to bring him a new battery for the truck...despite having babies with me and not enough funds...soooooo back to the bank. Then I did get a beautiful drive up to Comfort, Texas to go deliver it. 

Upon sensing my frustration and prayers to calm my riled up heart and snapping at my darling girl, God sent a thunderstorm and a lovely Psalm. 

My day didn't go as planned. I will not let it get the best of me. My husband loves me even though I didn't get the laundry done. My kids love me even though I didn't have time to have 15 cups of "tea" with my darling girl. My God loves me enough to send his only son to die the worst death in the cross for my sins, those committed and those I am going to commit and he didn't out any stipulations like "as long as she gets the laundry done, I'll forgive her sins and love her." 

One if my favorite verses: Romans 5:8

Good night everyone. Hug your kids and kiss your spouse!

Here's something I found the other day. I like my posts to have pictures so there ya go. <3