Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who will take care of me?

It is my ultimate desire to care for and serve my family. I find tremendous amounts of joy in having a cold cup of sweet iced tea ready when my husband comes home from work. I love being able to provide my daughters with things they need. 

However, I am sick today. I have been terribly nauseas all day and I'm so very tired. And I sit on the couch being called "mommy...mommy....MAMA!" And making my husband dinner even though the smell of it is something quite atrocious. 
I also had two cavities filled on Tuesday. I haven't had a cavities since I was like 6 so I didn't remember the pain that follows dental work. I have had a headache since Tuesday and I can't open my jaw very far. Yuck!

I don't want to whine but I can't help but stop and wonder who is going to take care of me. Who will make me some tea to calm my belly? Who will put aside themselves and help me today...

God will. He tells me so in his word. I will find rest for my tired weary soul and my upset belly in God alone. I will go to him and relax because he will give me the rest that mere sleeping will not. 

It's been a tough day but it is nearly time for bed. Until then, I shall trudge on into the throwes of story time and treasure the little hands that tug on me- even though my ills. 

God is good