Saturday, May 4, 2013

5 Ways to Not Be Like Chickens & How to Thank God You're Not One

blah blah blah that's a mouthful I know. One of my favorite things is gardening with my husband after dark. Its mysterious, the weather is cool and lovely, and the heat lamp in the chicken coop creates a rather romantic glow on everything...

well, that last bit is reaching but the lamp does allow for some EXCELLENT chicken TV. I was watching them suddenly feeling very grateful I wasn't a chicken.

Now, I know most of you (despite your camo wearing) are city folk and haven't seen a chicken outside of shrink wrap but I highly encourage you to find someone outside city limits and take a peek at their chickens. You can learn a lot from them.

Here are 5 things I noticed they were doing that I have a tendency of doing and how I plan to stop being chickenesque.

1. They don't stop to savor their food.
They peck at their food source like they are going to lose it at any second. Its abrupt and harsh and how I often eat for fear of being interrupted by something. I don't want to eat like chickens, I want to savor the food that I work so hard to grow and prepare for my family.

2. They step all over their "friends"
They literally walk all over people without regard to what their doing. Some of my hens step right on other hens heads! Their heads! Now, I don't walk on people but I do tend to talk over them. I interrupt them or sometimes I don't even listen to what they're saying because I'm thinking about what I'm going to say next. That's not being a good friend and just as bad as stepping on them.

3. Chickens have no regard for their living quarters.
It could be because they're still young "teenager" chickens and not laying yet but chickens do not seem to care about their abode. Which, 6 weeks into this second pregnancy, is about how I feel about my house at this time. That's not exactly honoring to my husband who works so lovingly hard to make sure I can stay home with our children. So I plan to have a detailed plan for my day that includes a lot less media time, cleaning time, and nap/rest times. I can't do more than I can do right now but I can do a lot less of what I dont need to be doing...that made sense in my head.

4. Chickens don't play with their kids.
Neither do I. And that confession makes me very sad. Well, I dont play with her as much as I should/used to. I promise to schedule in playing time with my daughter as it arises. In 8 short months there will be a second Lambert baby and my time will be again cut short. Madeleine does not need to suffer for that.

5. Chickens don't whine about being chickens.
I whine. A lot! It's something God and I are working on. I'm trying very hard this pregnancy to be thankful to God that he's including me in the making of this miracle. I have made the commitment to God to stop whining about my husband. Sure, he irritates me sometimes. I irritate him too. It's what happens when you live with someone in close quarters. My husband is a wonderful wonderful man that I can't seem to get enough of. So, enough whining about my husband...ever! My home is secure, just the right size, and getting homey-er every day. So many chickens don't have homes. Or they have homes without a mine. I could be living in a lean to like my chickens so no more whining about my house.

Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask you, when I start behaving like a chicken to remind me that I am SO NOT A CHICKEN. You have instilled within me your wonderful heavenly spirit which I'm pretty sure you don't do and that in itself is enough to make me thank You that I am not a chicken. Help me to take the time to eat all food and thank you for it, to be a better friend, to take care of this home you've provided for us, to play and remember this time with Madeleine for she won't be this age ever again, and to stop whining about anything. I will need your strength to do all these things and it is through your Son Jesus Christ that I can come ask you for this. It's in His name I pray to you, Amen!