Monday, April 30, 2012

Use what ya got! Embellishing layouts!

I wanted to use these great pictures of Madeleine and Me at the New Orleans aquarium but I wasn't sure about what to do with them. I found the papers that matched the color of the coral and went from there. 

Then when I got to the final embellishment phase, I was stuck again. I wanted beachy but I didn't ahve any beachy stuff left in all my goodies. So I improvised. I grabbed a sharpie and a white brad and went to town. (I'll admit, I had to google what a sand dollar looked like. I couldn't remember! >.<)

I drew a tiny flower in the center and dashes along the outside! Voila, sand dollar brads. 

Have you ever altered a brad or some other type of embellishment to better suit your needs?? Let me know about it! I'd love to hear.