Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1 Week 1: Fit Test


Day 1 down- i'm severely out of shape! But I did it and I will not apologize for my numbers but I will be working to improve them. I used this Timer for the first day FIT TEST. I used this vid
eo: Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge. Good luck! 

My numbers for this test were: 

Squat Jumps: 19 

Push ups: 15 

Burpees: 10 

High Knees: 0 

Switch Lunges: 0 

Tuck Jumps: 0 

Straight Abs: 30.

Weight: 172lbs

Measurements! (YIKES)

Breasts: 45"


Hips: 46"

Arms: 12"

Thighs: 25"

Neck: 14"

Here is my horrid before picture. Yikes I have lots to lose!

My goal weight is 140. Here's to 5 lbs gone by months end! CHEERS!